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Virtual event and engagement platforms (VEEP) make use of an array of innovative solutions and internet technology to organize, market, and host events online such as large-scale meetings, multi-session conferences, trade expos, education fairs, and livestream shows while conferring the same type of experience as a real-life physical event. These platforms seamlessly integrate a multitude of in-built tools to streamline the event planning process and provide an end-to-end event management framework in an all-in-one solution, including registration, content management, digital marketing, engagement tracker, payment gateways and analytics, to name a few.

Almost all VEEPs include most of the following attributes: • Allow for the creation of exhibition centric landing pages and tailorable visitor registration forms. • Handle every aspect of the event’s lifespan, from pre-event items such as planning, promotion and registration to post-event items such as analytics, insights and feedback. • Flexible and scalable based on the attendance size (from dozens to thousands of participants), requirement, nature, progression and feedback of the virtual events. • Able to broadcast livestreaming video and audio content via integrated webcasting features. • Offer audience engagement features such as one-on-one meetings, group chats, webinars, networking sessions and Q&A. • Inclusive of real-time performance tracking and visitor analytics capabilities.

Virtual events provide more openings for engagement, collaboration and interaction between participants, exhibitors and organizers before, during and after an event. • Before: The VEEP can be utilized for attendees to register as well as post feedback regarding content, subjects or speakers they may want to see or hear. Exhibitors and organizers can also use the platform as a hub for posting notifications, updates and materials for download. Links to the event can also be posted here for attendees to share on their social media channels, thus boosting interest and expanding reach for said event. • During: Digital platforms provide opportunities for visitors to network with one another, engage in live chats (group or one-on-one), attend meetings, seminars and panel discussions, discover likeminded individuals or groups for future collaboration, gather sales leads or business opportunities as well as collect business information for future use. • After: In live fairs and shows, all activities end once the event ends but with virtual events, the engagement gets to continue long after the expo is over. In addition, exhibitors and organizers will get to leverage the platform’s analytics capabilities to learn more about their audience; their interests, preferences and what they want to get out of the event – all of which are vital for providing content during the current event as well as future expos.

REACH As VEEPs enable an organization to host events that can be attended by almost anyone from all four corners of the globe, taking an event to the virtual realm means that time and distance are no longer obstacles and hindrances. It removes the need to travel, endure traffic jams and congested venue halls as well as saves on time and money as your audience can attend the virtual event from the comfort of their home or office. This significantly increases reach and boosts accessibility as visitors can simply drop by the event at their own leisure. Furthermore, solidify the event’s reach and connect with the right audience via digital marketing tools such as social media integration, personalized email campaigns, SEO and content optimization. A holistic virtual platform will also keep the audience informed by incorporating automated notifications and reminders whenever there are any new developments as it helps lock in their attendance by continuously engaging with them through event updates. In-person events also limit the number of exhibitor booths and visitors who can attend due to constraints such as the size of a convention hall. Virtual events, however, allow for an unlimited number of attendees and exhibitors to participate.

ENGAGEMENT By leveraging on VEEP, organizers gain the ability to turn a static event into an unforgettable experience through attendee engagement tools, enabling visitors, sponsors and exhibitors to connect with each other with ease and in a seamless fashion. What’s more, engagement begins taking place even before the event launches as organizers are able to provide attendees with their own agenda builders and display key information in an interactive virtual floor plan to help them navigate the site more smoothly. In addition, VEEPs can elevate webinars, talk segments and workshops to a whole new level with interactive tools like group dialogues, personal chats, Q&A sessions and live polls. This offers every netizen attending the event the opportunity to network and interact, creating meaningful engagements that build a community of like-minded people and foster collaborative partnerships that benefit all parties involved.

In the next blog posts, we will discuss other features and benefits of VEEPs.