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VEEPs will remain relevant and promising long after the pandemic. Online events are not only cost-efficient, time saving, barrier breaking and environment friendly, they also promote a higher degree of reach, networking and audience engagement. In this second in a series of three blogs, we will learn more about what VEEPs can offer.


Personalization enhances the way in which organizers, sponsors and exhibitors are able to build and showcase their offerings in a near infinite number of ways. With a plethora of options to choose from, organizers and exhibitors stand to benefit from a degree of customization, flexibility and scalability like never before. They are able to create content hubs from which visitors will be able to watch videos such as teasers, welcome videos, virtual tours or product showcase videos in real-time or on-demand. Organizers will also be able to offer interactive virtual event maps to guide attendees as to where exhibitor booths are located, who is currently speaking and what meetings or networking sessions are currently happening. Organizers can upload demos, brochures, sales decks, photos, panelist bios, session surveys and much more, placing everything in the palm of the attendees to view or download and consume at their leisure. This way, visitors will never miss out on any of the action and can attend whichever streams they want live while watching the others at a later time. From their exhibition booths, visitors will be able to obtain any information or assistance directly from the staff manning the booth. What’s more, vendors and planners are able to make changes on the fly based on feedback received. Due to this deep level of personalization, organizers are able to create tailored content, forms, payment methods and programming schedules – all of which only serve to boost the customer experience by creating an immersive, seamless, engaging and memorable event that attendees will be talking about long after the event is over.


Events are a fount of precious data regarding the performance of an event as they capture all sorts of metrics and information such as visitor registration, audience, booth traffic, streaming, chat, networking session and meeting data at all touchpoints. A good VEEP platform comes ready with in-built integrated AI-powered analytics and intelligence tools that allow organizers to drill down and derive invaluable real-time insights generated by the data captured from their virtual expos and events. With this comprehensive understanding, they will be better able to understand and measure the success and return on investment of their event. With the guesswork effectively taken out of the equation as a result, organizers are in a position to make better strategic decisions to create more focused marketing campaigns and improve future events. Organizers and exhibitors will be able to analyze meeting metrics to gauge the value of networking sessions by monitoring meeting requests and reservations, attendee numbers, participation and interests, booth popularity, live surveys and feedback, and speaker engagement rates. These rich metrics can be used to garner valuable insights on what to feature and how to improve future events. For example, leads can be automatically picked up when an attendee visits a particular booth. The key insights gleaned from data are then able to provide organizers with a complete 360-degree view of their fair and positioned them for greater success in future fairs.

In the next blog posts, we will discuss some of the benefits you can stand to gain from using VEEPs.