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A Splash into Virtual Event & Engagement Platforms
(Part 3)

Exhibitors and organizers are continuously trying to expand the reach of their events and engage larger audiences. Digital events make this goal much more attainable by allowing promoters and exhibitors to share the


10 Must-Have Features for Virtual Meeting Software

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us into adopting new work practices and mediums of communication. One of the most prominent tools being utilized is virtual meeting platforms. There are dozens of such solutions available today, each with their own upsides...

Digital Recovery – What’s Next?

In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 became one of the greatest tribulations the world has faced in decades. Its impact immediate and far-reaching, almost…

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Big Data Best Practices

Big Data Best Practices

As Big Data Analytics is constantly advancing, organizations should understand how data analytics must be practiced in order to fully capitalize on their data. And much like all emerging technologies, it is good to have a sound roadmap outlined to help you move...

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