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The business landscape is in a constant state of flux. It is evolving at such a rapid pace with new innovations and models cropping up each and every day that it may seem daunting to keep up with it all. However, to stay ahead


Digital Skills in the Modern Workspace

As the world experiences a new age of digital revolution, various industries are adopting groundbreaking technologies as proof of their metamorphosis into a digital-first culture. While this development is progressing at an immeasurable speed, new challenges are...

Back to School with Digital Technologies

Since the early days of COVID-19, the pandemic has uprooted our long-standing education ecosystem through unprecedented disruptions, forever shaking it to its core. Just like any other industry, schools, colleges, universities and education centers were forced to shut...

Technology – Is it the Doom or Boom of Employment?

Digital technology has had an impact on all facets of our lives, changing the way we work, play, live and do things. The advent of the smartphone and its array of integrated and downloadable mobile apps has allowed us to do all sorts of things, from banking to placing...

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To a Greener Earth with AI

To a Greener Earth with AI

Digital technologies have been rapidly weaving their threads into the fabric of our daily lives – be it at home, work, school or play. It has indubitably reshaped industries, human engagement and economic power. On the other hand, these extraordinary innovations...

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