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Since 2012, we had been posting news, events and other related content on our official web portal for people who are interested in keeping up-to-date with the latest Fusionex endeavors. Today, however, we are excited to announce that we are launching our official company blog — our nucleus for all things Fusionex.

The idea behind why we wanted to establish a company blog is to have a centralized hub that acts as a bulletin board for all Fusionex related offerings, announcements, events, press releases, news and other useful information.

We also plan to use this blog to showcase how Big Data bridges business and technology, allowing you a peek at the myriad instances of how advance and interconnected the world has become. It is our intention to make this blog a platform for us to begin conversations and provide perspectives and opinions on the latest developments in the world of not just Big Data but technology as a whole.

In addition to that, you will get to meet the many people who make up the Fusionex family, from the senior managers who strive tirelessly to keep the engine running to the multi-talented developers, analysts and data scientists who are the lifeblood and constitute the core of what we do here at Fusionex. You will get to hear their views and see things from their perspectives.

So feel free to drop by anytime you wish to catch up on all the latest news and happenings going on at Fusionex. Until the next time…